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Hated and lovable site in my career

Posted on: September 23, 2008

First of all, I want to tell my career. I am working as search engine optimizer for past 1.8 year. Recently I and my team were engaged in PHP project. At the time I don’t know PHP and MYSQL. First time I was struggled a lot to that project. Finally I and my colleague(ashok) engaged in project. One of my colleagues (ashok) and my friends joe, sathish helps me a lot in framing the project. I want to tell something about Joe, Ashok and Sathish. About joe good programmer in PHP and he love database very much for example I asked one question in oracle, I don’t know the answer and my roommates was strolling with laptops. Finally Joe type the query in oracle 10G browser and we get answer and he was very sharp in writing queries. And about sathish, he is very calm and silent person. He write program very short and I think his program will love by search engine. About Ashok, we design the database structure and CSS for .

I did coding for three module and fourth module is very complicated and also did coding for fourth module with help of my project manager. While doing the project ,my shift time is change and I fill uneasy. After completing the site, I fell very happy. And then back to SEO, the new site(


1 Response to "Hated and lovable site in my career"

dai do some includes in your site
Here u can get some widgets.

Bye kaipullai

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