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Trip to robin Marriage

Posted on: September 23, 2008

I and my room mates planned, go to robin marriage. This drama was planned for one month. First of all i want to tell my room mates name Rajamanickam,Jeykumar,Sathish,Karthick,Joe,pradhap and John(very lazy boy). Then who is robin, Robin is our beloved friends. Ok i ask permission for my project manager and she give leaves for four days. I went to room early on that day, at the time john and myself have a plan to take drinks. At the time jeykumar also joined with as. Then Joe and sathish come to room and immediately we lock the room door and we went to railway station. After we reached the Central Railway and we was shocked because the train was late for 12 hours. I am and my friends was very upset . we take little sleep in railway station. The train came at morning and we have breakfast inside the train. The train reached the coimbatore station at 6.30 pm and we catch the bus and finally we reached kerala border kolzhipara. We see bridegroom (robin), he was very tension with his work. we decided to take supper in marriage hall and took little sleep in the marriage hall.

In morning we wake up and have a breakfast. Then we go to the church and attend the marriage and my friends took some photo and snap in church. When robin place the ring to the brides. Finally we left the church and went to reception hall. we have a lunch and one of my friend joe told the word be fast, be fast ——–to catch the train. We went to railway station and again train is late. Again my friends get very angry . We planned to go outside and someone took slept in railway station because train was late for 8 hours. Joe, john and me take tea and samosa in cafe and finally reached station and it was 7.00 pm.At the time john making to much command on the train and people in the railway station enjoying his command. Then he make command on rajamanickam and he get angry.At the time we see the train and my friends make sound wohooooooooooooo , whole station seeing as. We was happy while see the train and finally we reached Chennai. This was the happiest moment in my life.


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