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Memorable moment in Vijaykanth house.

Posted on: September 24, 2008

It was during pongal holiday, myself and my colleague silvan planned to attend friend marriage, at the time vijaykanth(chief technical officer) came to my cabin and invite all the guys to come to our village. If pongal I fell very happy because my birthday will come on the day, so I went to home and enjoy with my family members. On pongal vijaykanth call to me and ask me what about your plan. I to ld there is no change in our plan. At night I catch the Chennai bus and reached Chennai on next day. Then Silvan call me and told that I have reserved ticket for senkottai. Every thing was fine and next day I ask leave for one day to my project manager(Devi). She asked me where are you going, then I said casual going to my home. She gives permission, at the time my colleague silvan, ashok, prakash ask permission from her. She ask them same question, they told we going to senkottai. She gives permission for them.

We planned to leave the office sharply at 5.00 pm and catch the bus at 7.00 pm. It was 12 hour journey so we played some games in the bus. Sharply at 11 am we reached vijaykanth house. I am and ashok fell very hungry so decided to take banana and vk told we can move to the farms by using car. In farms we take bath and tender coconut and went to his house. Vk mother prepared variety of food for us. Myself and my colleague were very hungry and we take food. Then we take small sleep in upstairs, after a while vk bring black tea and he told us, can we climb mountain and we told ok . vk drive the car to mountain and one by one we started to climb up, after reaching half of mountain I fell afraid then my colleague helped me to help me to climb up. In Mountain we take lot of photo. I fell very happy and enjoy lot in his village.Then we reached his vk home at night 8.00 pm. After taking supper, then ashok, silvan and me went outside for small walk. Then we wake up early morning and get ready for marriage and left the house. We attend the marriage and I think it was Sunday and two day was very fast. Then we went to senkottai to catch the bus, we reached Chennai safely.I never forgot the two day in my life


2 Responses to "Memorable moment in Vijaykanth house."

Hi Dear it’s really a memorable moment 4 every one…. Who participate in that trip ….

“No words to say the fun and joy that happened on those days”

“I’ve learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.”

Many off the participants in that trip are not near now…..But

“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us”

Keep going on dear………..

All the Very best of Luck…………….

I won’t forgot our team enjoyment on vendri lingapuram when we can get other opportunity to enjoy with our team.

I love u

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