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Heavy rain my friend left mysore

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Yesterday I wake up at 6.30 am usually I take bath and get ready for office .At the time rain was get started and one of my friend john told me maachi you please stay with me today I leaving mysore da please da.But my mind was fixed go to office. Rain was started at 8.30 am and it stop his work at 10.00 am. I am get ready to office, while we walking on the road he again told me not go to office. Again rain was come so I make a call to my office today I was leave .After that we return to home and talk something about the future.

Then we have a nice lunch and I took a nice sleep. My friend went to t.nagar for purchase with his father. I was wake up at 5.30 pm Then I have a tea and make a call to john(my friend),he told that I am on the way. He returned the room with lot of tension. He packaged a luggage and told us my friends waiting in the main road. So we took the luggage and leave him. At night he call me and said that i am in train maachi.


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its looking fine…………

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