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Diwali dishes with a difference

Posted on: October 24, 2008

At Diwali, families often feast on richer versions of their favourite dishes. But you don’t have to add extra ghee or cream to make your Diwali meal special. Have a look at some of our healthier ways to have a fabulous feast.

Why not start by adding some special ingredients, like chopped almonds or dried fruit. Or use a selection of different vegetables – go for ones that you wouldn’t usually choose.

Some people may eat meat during Diwali, so our tips do include some meat and fish suggestions.

  • Opt for plain rotis instead of paratha and you won’t need to add any fat. Make them with wholemeal or ‘medium’ flour and avoid adding oil or salt.
  • When you’re cooking dishes such as pilau rice, try to use just a small amount of oil instead of ghee or butter, and avoid adding any salt.
  • Try making paneer at home with a low-fat milk and grill the cubes rather than frying them.
  • If you’re cooking meat-based dishes, try to buy lean cuts or trim off the fat. You can make dishes healthier and more filling by adding dhal, beans or spinach.
  • Rather than frying, bake fish wrapped in foil with a little oil, masala and lemon juice.
  • Make a healthy mango chutney using unsweetened diced mango, lemon and red chilli.
  • Instead of the familiar deep-fried snack, try brushing them with oil and baking in a hot oven until golden.


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