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Why RSS need for Websites

Posted on: February 3, 2009

RSS is simply defined as Really Simple Syndication, XML based format for content distribution. Web developer create the RSS using some tools or by manual. Creating RSS with tool is good, save time and we can’t get such efficient title link and description, So I think creating RSS manual is good with keyword related title link and description. The uses of RSS are free and easy way to boom the website. We can easily optimize the PDF, Image, PPT Presentations, Video files by giving the keyword related link and description in RSS file. Therefore we can bring all the link in RSS file for easy navigates. Then we can subscribe RSS file to Google Reader, My Yahoo and Bloglines and we can share with RSS file with our friends.

RSS definition is vary from Source

RSS(n) is a Web content syndication format( Source Harvard)

RSS(n) Really Simple Syndication, Lightweight XML format ( source WebReference)

RSS(n) Really Simple Syndication, an XML-based format for content distribution (source CNET)

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