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30 useful tips for SEO Analyst

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Apply 30 SEO tips, it will turn your website in 30 days. Here are those main SEO tips. I think this tips is very useful for SEO Analyst.

1. Add title tags and place main keyword in front of the tag. The Keyword should be related to the page and title length should be 60 – 65 character.
2. After that Meta description should be unique for every page with some main keyword that may be targeting keyword and length should be 150 characters.
3. Avoid using tables and design the pages in CSS.
4. Use H1 tag and place main keyword for heading or sub title.
5. Then introduce site navigation in top of the pages. Site Navigation should like that Real Estate >> we buy houses >> we sell houses. Placing keyword in navigation play an important role.
6. Create Static Header and cross links in footer, Links should be in text not in image.
7. Analyze the keyword using Google suggestion tool and compare them with competitor sites.
8. Create filename or url with important keyword and use hyphen for separating space.
9. Get Quality Back links and avoid Quantity links.
10. Don’t get more than hundred of black links for new site. For example submitting site to directories, doing article submission, press release etc.
11. Add main keywords in anchor tag and alt tag and it must vary.
12. Get Quality Back links from old sites, good sites, Gov sites.
13. Write good article and it must be new and attractive. Link them with main keyword in resource and submit it to famous article site.
14. Then search engine never read the images, so optimize the image with keyword.
15. Put JavaScript and CSS in single file.
16. Keep more concentration on content because content are queen.
17. Create sitemap map. In links add some related keywords.
18. Create robot.txt file and upload it.
19. Create Xml site map and submit it to Google webmaster tool
20. Start the blog and place nice post a day.
21. Submit site to open directory like DMOZ etc.
22. Create RSS and ROR file for easy search engine crawling.
23. Create Google Analytic and Statcounter account for tracking the website for traffic.
24. Take the keyword report weekly and analysis the report.
25. While applying content use some tag like bold, italic, strong. Then don’t hide the content or link with some color.
26. Create site blog and post news daily.
27. Try to understand the redirection theory of 301, 302 and 200.
28. Avoid automatic directory submission; it will spam your site.
29. Write Press Release and bring popular from that.
30. Create a page for link pages and get good link from same business sites.


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