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Different types of SEO

Posted on: June 22, 2009

Usually I think there are two types of SEO. One is Black Hat and other one is white Hat SEO. But it contains nine types.

Dark Inky Black Hat SEO
So wickedness he’s a typo squatter installing spy ware. Against the rule of Search Engine.

Charcoal Hat SEO
Optimizing really unrelated pages for all kinds of query, but within the limits of legality.

Dark Gray Hat SEO
This SEO is stealing content from other sites

Slate Gray Hat SEO
Simply Creating Link Farms and getting links from unrelated websites

Gray Hat SEO
SEO who really reads the search engine’s webmaster guidelines, but then tries as much “wickedness” as she can get away with.

Light Gray Hat SEO
This SEO creates unique content (lots of it), but the content is still only designed at search engines.

Off-White Hat SEO
This guy not only ensures the site is indexable in Search Engine– he’ll also make sure to get lots of back links from friends.

White Hat SEO
This person puts up the content that people are really searching for, and prepares the site to make it very easy to get to. White Hat SEO only optimize those of their pages they deem commendable to be ranking top in search engines.

Luminescent Pearly White Hat SEO
Not only does this SEO do all the White Hat SEO does, the Luminescent Pearly White Hat SEO also makes sure pages will not show up for immaterial queries.


5 Responses to "Different types of SEO"

Wow.. didn’t even know that there are lots of types of Search Engine Optimisation Ways. All I know is the unethical Black and the enduring White Hat SEO. Stay Cool!

Hi this is very nice post and it is very useful

[…] See original here: Different types of SEO « Inbaraj | Seo Analyst […]

What would be Brown hat seo

Dear John,

There is no brown hat SEO

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