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A dawn reclaimed the hold of night

With a soft pink flare of awakening,

With an inviting, silent eruption,

A golden fountain rising, kindling

Nourishing from unseen sustenance

Cleansed my eyes, the billowing hues,

Expanding at their own to forever,

And forevermore,

Wherever they may choose

I couldn’t do aught but fall,

Into a compelled stare

As I was made aware,

Of the Canvas of God

The hours subsequent were a blur,

Of tedious greys, all the same

For their insipid form,

We were all there was

To blame

I couldn’t bring myself to affirm,

That my material love was long gone

That now I was locked inside myself,

Foreseeing escape,

The following dawn


I’m safe for a few breaths,

Perched on a mountain top

As liquid furies rage below,

Killing swift, lest they stop

With assasinal precision,

Aquatic hands strangle all

Leaving shattered life behind,

Pleas that no longer call

Death itself rides these waves

With all the speed life never knew,

And terrifying pictures,

Life never drew

I feel the water caress my feet,

And slither up the knees and waist

All my organs give in,

Taste of surrender, I finally taste

What I wouldn’t have given

To die in my sleep

I couldn’t resist the urge to break,

In my mind, the switch was made

My own twisted realities to make,

All thoughts sane, I forbade

I could’ve killed to hear a sound,

To set my demons free

So I screamed at silence all around,

And it screamed back at me

It isn’t my jubilance,

Slanted by dread

Nor is it my health,

However ill-defined

It isn’t the fear,

Of waking up dead

Nor is it submission,

Shadowing my mind

It isn’t the burn,

From the Sun, red

Nor is it the cold,

Of a piercing kind

It isn’t the want,

Of atoms of bread

Nor is it the wound,

From beasts, felined

It isn’t the thorn,

Upon which I’ve bled

Nor is it the horizon,

Holding me confined

It is the eternal worry

That I do not know,

What lies ahead,

Anymore than I know,

What I’ve left behind

There lies a place,

Where no story remains untold

Where beauty, do all eyes behold

Where the land swallows its burden,

Where every moment is a lifetime

Where the wingless enjoy flight,

Where fins swim over the skyline

Where lies betray their tongues,

Where peace is only a wish away

Where time succumbs to paralysis,

Where all blessings come to stay

Where every breath assures eternity,

Where the well of peril drains dry,

Where snows envelope worlds of fire

Where all instruments of malice die

Where I am farthest,

From the Fallen,

Who misleads

Where I am closest,

To the Hand,

That feeds

By no limits,

That place is bound,

In my mind,

That place I’ve found


In the shadowed lands

The truest of warriors,

Keep safe, their hands,

From the hunter gatherer


Where fires grow cold

Lives the ancient rage,

Him, call the men of old,

The hunter gatherer

His primal roar,

Pierces armors of steel

Swift vocation,

Leaves wounds, never heal

His eerie calm,

Precedes a storm

To pure instincts,

His thoughts conform,

Fear all,

The hunter gatherer


Where time meets the past

He lives among the dead,

To breathe, he’s the last,

The hunter gatherer

None can ever see,

The world from his eyes

None can ever hear,

His words, his muted cries

And so he drifts farther,

Into mouths of the wild

He will die as he was born

As the hunter gatherer


At the expense of lives


To curse away hope


From lifeless walls


My lack of sanity


To quench my thirst


Trays of animal feed


Only to grow restless


Memories I never had


For miracles far away

I grow a decade every day

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