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Write your original article, and choose the overall topic for your link wheels. If you are writing an article about an ecommerce beauty site, your article could be about the top 10 best hair straighteners, or a review of a particular pair of Kamisori hair shears.

Now that you have your original article, you are going to use that as a template for the creation of all of your other articles. It is essential that you create a new article for each of the posts you create, and simply use your original article as a template. Unique content is essential to ensuring your link wheel passes the maximum link juice. Within your article, be sure to include 1 link to your targeted site, and 1 link to one of posts in our link wheel. We’ll go over more details on exactly how to link the sites in the next steps.

2 Web 2.0 Sites
Now it’s time to identify our link wheel sites. For the link wheels we create for clients on, we use a network of 116 different sites, all on different C-class servers. You don’t need to go to this extreme for a smaller site, so let’s just pick a couple Web 2.0 sites and some social networking sites.

Here are the web 2.0 sites we suggest:

Some of these sites are article directories, like, and are great resources for your link wheels. Most article sites don’t allow you to include a keyword as your link, but rather just the URL for our targeted site, which is great because it helps with the link diversity.

3 Now that we’ve selected our sites, we need to create accounts. When you create the accounts, make sure to name them appropriately. So if you were setting up a site on Quizilla, you should name it etc. where Kamisori Shears would be the keyword we are targeting. The goal you want to achieve is to setup a destination that is related to your target site, and on each of these sites, we’ll have more information related to our targeted site.
So create your accounts, post your article, and within the article, we have 1 link that goes back to our target site, and 1 link that goes to another of our link wheels. Instead of linking all your sites in order, ie site 1 links to site 2, site 12 links to site 1, Use a random linking so that site 1 links to site 8, site 8 links to site 5, etc.
Just be sure that none of your sites link back to each other, and you are going to be in good shape.
For all of our social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, you can have these sites link to your other link wheel pages, and vice versa to include the maximum link diversity and give you the best natural links to your site.

4 Once we are done creating all of our link wheels, we want to ping Google and let them know we’ve created out new sites and to get them indexed. For this, we suggest using It’s a pinging service that pings about 250 different search engines and blog sites like Technorati, and when you ping these sites, they see your new site, include it in their index, and tell Google to index your site as well.

5 Now that we’ve followed all these steps, we are essentially done. Congratulations!
BUT, if you want to continue to reap the rewards of these links, you will want to go back and update them. We suggest updating link wheels every 2 weeks or so, so after 2 weeks, go back to your posts, and add 100 words of content, then submit them to the RSS sites again, and repeat the process.
Over time, you will have a bunch of great backlinks that are resources in themselves, and your targeted site will over time eventually get to the first page of Google.

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1:Website analysis
2:Competitor analysis
3:Keyword research
4:Keyword identification
5:Making your site search engine friendly
6:Content optimisation
7:Page Renaming Link renaming
8:Tag composition
9:Creation of site map
10:Link building
11:Manual submissions to the top search engines
12:Manual submissions to local search engines
13:Competitor monitoring
14:Ranking monitoring
15:Visitor Reporting

Title Tag optimization – Sites with out Title Tag is like human being with out Name

Meta Tag Optimization – Sites with out Meta Tag is like human being with out identification

Content Optimization – Sites with out content is like human being with out Skills and data

Link Promotion – Sites with out Link Promotion is like human being with out publicity

Search Engine rank – Sites with out Search Engine rank is like human being with out popularity

Page Rank Sculpting deals with the rule of link flow structural design utilizing rel=”no follow” attribute and by organizing non-priority pages for SERP’s in an external include file, blocked with your robots.txt to stop your site link sap to pass for insignificant pages, entrusted sites and bad neighborhood

These can be put into practice to your least significant pages like sign up, cart page and so

This would work better for sites having hundreds and thousands of Web Pages that are not significant for keyword listing and in addition link sap loop to the domain

Usually I think there are two types of SEO. One is Black Hat and other one is white Hat SEO. But it contains nine types.

Dark Inky Black Hat SEO
So wickedness he’s a typo squatter installing spy ware. Against the rule of Search Engine.

Charcoal Hat SEO
Optimizing really unrelated pages for all kinds of query, but within the limits of legality.

Dark Gray Hat SEO
This SEO is stealing content from other sites

Slate Gray Hat SEO
Simply Creating Link Farms and getting links from unrelated websites

Gray Hat SEO
SEO who really reads the search engine’s webmaster guidelines, but then tries as much “wickedness” as she can get away with.

Light Gray Hat SEO
This SEO creates unique content (lots of it), but the content is still only designed at search engines.

Off-White Hat SEO
This guy not only ensures the site is indexable in Search Engine– he’ll also make sure to get lots of back links from friends.

White Hat SEO
This person puts up the content that people are really searching for, and prepares the site to make it very easy to get to. White Hat SEO only optimize those of their pages they deem commendable to be ranking top in search engines.

Luminescent Pearly White Hat SEO
Not only does this SEO do all the White Hat SEO does, the Luminescent Pearly White Hat SEO also makes sure pages will not show up for immaterial queries.

My point of view I will use Google keyword suggestion tool for selecting keyword.
Before starting keyword analysis I will do competitor analysis. By doing competitor analysis I will collect keyword from other sites. Then with that keyword I will group it.
After that I do analysis how to form phrases.

For Example

If I doing keyword analysis for wristband site.

For Ranking wristband is too difficult. For that we can take phrases like silicone wristband. If it’s difficult you can take the phrases like custom silicone wristband.

Keyword Result in Google
Wristband 2630000
Silicone Wristband 490000
Custom Silicone Wristband 110000

Bring keyword wristband in top pages is difficult. If we concentrate on phrases custom silicone wristband, it is easy to bring the global keyword.

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