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It’s my special friend birthday. When I think of rajamanickam the first thing comes to my mind is that “how can somebody be so sweet and lovely”. He is fun loving person and always goes along well with my philosophy. Apart from being hard-working by nature He is intelligent and dedicated too. It is been 5 years since I know him and I’m really happy to get his friendship. He is one among few people with whom I love to spend time with!!!

Hey Manick, I have always had great amount of fun with you. I will never forget the quality-time we spend together. Hey sweets, wishing you a very happy birthday, May you be blessed with all the joy and success in coming years. Good luck, health and wealth remain your way always.

I hope everyone can wish this person a great birthday. He deserves it! Happy Birthday rajamanickam and thank you for al the fun you spread around!


In St.Joseph college examination method was some what differs from other college. In Josephs we have internal and external exam for passing one paper. Internal exam was split into three types mid sem, end sem and assignment. After getting mark from three terms, mark was converted into 100. Out of 100 we want to get 50 to pass. Students are allowed to enter external only they get pass mark in internal. I don’t know rules and method of st.joseph Exam. In first semester, I was failed in DCF. It was bad time for me and this is first arrear, the paper was DCF.

In 2nd sem I wrote internally exam for DCF, I was passed in that, I get hall ticket for the paper. Again with nice preparation I wrote the semester, becoz of one mark I was again failed in that paper. At last in three semester I wrote the paper and finally I clear the DCF.I was very happy. My score was 72/100.

It was very beautiful day in st.joseph. I was enjoying lot in Joseph. Usually exam in Joseph held up to max 14 to 15 day. On exam day we guys join a group and discuss our subject. Our college has lot of rules and regulation. All the students be present at hall before 15 min. First of all hall ticket, ID cards will be checked. If any student didn’t bring hallticket and id cards they simply want to pay fine. But we want to be present at the hall before 15 min, otherwise they want to get permission from controller. We guys are punctual. While after finishing each examination we have a break. At the break time we usually go to film for relaxation or otherwise we go to cauery bridge and we sit with group and make a chat.Then as usually we prepare for next exam.

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