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How to install the Xml sitemap in webmaster tool

It is very easy; we have lot of websites in net for generating XML sitemap.
I usually refer this site often, this is very good website for generating XML sitemap.
After getting the code upload it in your remote.
Create an account in Google Webmaster Tool and submit your website url to google.
Then it shows Verification status
It offer two methods of verification. You can either upload an HTML file with a name google specify, or you can add a meta tag to your site’s index file.
Once the site is verified, go to sitemap in that add the path of XML sitemap.
Then we get some details like links, statistics, diagnostics of our website.
Using of xml sitemap in Google webmaster tool we have see how many pages are indexed are indexed in our site.
Google Xml sitemap will also indexed by Yahoo and Microsoft, so no need to change the XML sitemap


future-page-rankToday I have checked lot of websites through several PR checkers for predicting future page rank. But any websites didnt show the exact result. I have also checked Google for future rank in PR Checker tool but its shows some results in PR Checker tool. Here I have list the result in PNG. According to my knowledge, Future page rank will show 1% result. Future page rank is depend on back links and quality of the site. so just from my view we want to work hard for back links to get page rank.


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